"Help one person and you can help the community"-

Steven Sawalich

Amazing lunch flow class with Samantha, just what i needed to energize for the rest of the day!
Very relaxed and simple studio, perfect for locals.
— Johanna M
I love this studio... The Tuesday night flow class is really amazing and the instruction Kelda is incredible. I have never had an unpleasant experience here and Jenny gave me the best massage of my life.
— Jennifer D
Best basics class I’ve been to. Lulu was a perfect instructor and had us at our ease while still getting a good workout. We are looking forward to coming back.
— Sandy R
Live Oak Yoga and Massage is a calm, peaceful studio that is staffed by nurturing, knowledgable instructors. Each instructor is different but together, they create a well-balanced studio. Each and every instructor guides me to different level and together the elements of all instructors help me to establish balance in my life. The studio is small and intimate with energy abounding. The instructors and students become family. It is an environment that you welcome every time you enter the door because you know, you will exit with peace, harmony, energy, warmth, love and more centeredness. I am so happy that I decided to try this studio over a year ago. I will never go anywhere else.
— Aillen H
Fantastic yoga experience. Loved the instructor and they also offer massage which I want to try. Very clean and positive experience. Can’t wait to go back.
— Amy H
Love it here! Best message I’ve ever had! Jenny is great and very lovely. She understands what I needed and gave me exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend this place. I’m defiantly a new client of there’s and can’t wait to try out their yoga and other services.
— Hailey T
Loved this place. Took my girlfriend here for a couples massage special. Well worth every cent, and then some. The ladies there were fantastic and really knew how to take care of us. We will be seeing them again very soon.
— Kyle A
“Dear Live Oak Family,
I just wanted to write to say what a wonderful experience I had with Pamela Ocana and her Gentle Yoga class. I have been practicing yoga for 30 years, and I have done all different styles... Some I liked, some I didn’t like as much, most of my experiences were positive. I figured in Gentle Yoga I would have a soothing practice and would stretch out my muscles. Nothing new.
But last night was totally different.
Last night my mind caught fire.
I don’t know how Pamela did it, but my heart chakra just blew wide open. I felt like I had drunk a bottle of wine. For the first time in 30 years, I really, really understood. I drank the nectar of my breath. I felt the flow. I found the still point.
I am still feeling that incredible high. I cannot wait for the next class.
Thank you, thank you for this wonderful gift.
Caroline H