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Yoga for Bone Health

Yoga for Bone Health is a program that follows Dr. Loren Fishman’s method of 12 asanas that have been proven to be effective in stimulating bone growth, preventing bone loss, and reversing osteopenia and even osteoporosis.

Pamela Ocana, M. A., our certified experienced Yoga teacher, educator, and therapist, completed this training with Dr. Fishman. Pamela is qualified to teach his method which includes three variations for each pose: The first level is for those already with osteoporosis, and many props (chair, wall, straps, blocks and the teacher’s assistance) are used to keep the student safe. The intermediate level is for those with osteopenia, and some props are used for safety sake. In the advanced level, the student will be performing the free, full poses. This level is meant as prevention.

Everyone will benefit from this training: the healthy building even stronger bones; and those who are starting the process of deterioration and bone mass
loss, from osteopenia to osteoporosis.

Class will be inclusive for students of all levels.
Yoga therapy. No side effects. Only benefits.

Join us as everyone learns how to build and maintain healthy, stronger bones!

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