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Welcome to Live Oak, your neighborhood Yoga and Massage Studio. We provide mindful services to help you remember the way you were meant to feel ~  happy, relaxed, strong and peaceful.

New Student Special - 3 Classes $25

Massage of the month - Cupping

Ever wanted to try Cupping? Experience the benefits + great savings in May!

* Works quicker and deeper than a Deep Tissue Massage
* Speeds up the healing process of inflammation based conditions
                                                                                  * The marks cups make are not bruises!                                                                                                    It is old stagnate cells, blood, lymph and toxins, that flush out of the body quicker, creating space for new cells
* Detoxes the body by pulling up the toxins, dumping them into the circulatory system and speeding them out of the body
* Super speeds lymphatic system boosting immunity, great for allergies and common cold symptoms
*It does not hurt! Cups can be used light or deep as preferred. Although the deeper, the more stagnation is pulled up, but light cupping is great for fascial release & boosting fluid flow


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