Welcome to Live Oak, your neighborhood Ayurveda, Yoga, and Massage Wellness Center. For over 8 years, Live Oak has provided the Orlando Hourglass district with mindful services to help you remember the way you were meant to feel ~  happy, relaxed, strong and balanced.

At Live Oak Wellness  we welcome everyone! Beginners, seniors, those looking to heal injuries and anyone searching to connect back into the calm and peace that true yoga brings us. 

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Ayurvedic consultations and treatments performed by Certified professional Ayurvedic Practitioner Natalia T Galindo LMT, CAP, E-RYT. Trained in mother India at KLE University Karnataka. Each meeting with a client will look completely different depending on the needs of the individual. Ayuredic wellness is a traditional practice infused with thousands of years of wisdom passed down through teachings and generations that truly caters to each individual and therefore is infused by the wants as well as the needs and the willingness of the individual.
It empowers YOU to take charge of YOUR health.

At Live Oak we pride ourselves in truly being inclusive. Our Yoga classes cater individuals who’ve never practiced yoga, who come from injuries, facing physical challenges and healing, or those looking to deepen their connection and come back to the basics behind the practice.
We offer meditation in weekly classes by a trained Vedanta practitioner, our regular classes also incorporate an aspect of meditation at the end of every class. Additionally, periodically we offer workshops for meditation, yoga nidra, yoga specialties, advanced education, and Yoga Teacher training certification in english and yoga en español.

Our massage therapists have years of experience. Each offering a different specialty from thai massage, reflexology, craniosacral massage, myofacial massage, ayurvedic massage, reiki, prenatal massage, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy massage, and many more massage therapy modalities.

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Yoga, Massage and Ayurvedic Treatments